Ios Trainings

Since the 14th of April me and Klevis are conducting weekly iOS development trainings for anyone interested to learn more on the topic. We are trying to focus on the basics and build from that. At the end of the training we hope to expand (even a bit) the network... [Read More]
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Ios Speech Apis Tutorial

With the launch of iOS 10 developers can make use of a new exciting API: Speech Recognition. The concept of translating audio to text is known to both the users and the developers. iOS has offered this feature through Siri, and its keyboard dictation button in the previous versions. Yet,... [Read More]
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Understanding Ios Proactive Suggestions

With the introduction of the “Proactive” feature in iOS 9, Apple is trying to proactively assist you. The system learns from your actions and attempts to anticipate them. It starts showing suggestions, recommendations, apps you frequently use, etc. [Read More]
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